Eminem Shares Inspirational Post Celebrating 10 Years Of Sobriety

It’s no big secret that Eminem has had his fair share of troubles with addiction, but 10 years ago the iconic rapper decided to put all of that behind him in pursuit of a sober life. Over the weekend Em took to Instagram to celebrate 10 years of sobriety when he shared the following photo:

Celebrated my 10 years yesterday.

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The post got a positive response from many within the music community, including Royce Da 59 who congratulated Em on a decade of sobriety.

Eminem Throws Shade At Himself During Coachella Performance

Eminem released his new album “Revival” a few months ago to mixed reactions, and there are some people out there who think the legendary rapper just doesn’t have it anymore.

Em appeared to reference the criticism during his performance at Coachella, when he asked fans if he could bring them back to a time when he was “actually dope” before performing “My Name Is.”

“Yo, Coachella I got a question right quick. Can I take you back to a time when I was actually dope? Coachella. Can we take you back to a mother*cking time when I was actually good.”

You can check out the clip for yourself below.

50 Cent Comments On Eminem’s Major Recording Milestone

Eminem recently made history as the RIAA has revealed that he’s become the second highest selling singles artist with 107.5 million units sold. Em is now second only to Rihanna with 121 million sales. Selling records is something that Eminem knows how to do, and it just so happens that it’s something his friend 50 Cent knows how to do as well. He recently showed some respect to Em when he posted the following on Instagram:

Eminem Makes History With RIAA Certifications

Eminem is no stranger to making history as he’s been selling albums and selling out concerts all over the world for decades now, but he recently crossed a huge milestone. The RIAA has announced that Eminem is now the second highest selling singles artist of all time and he has moved 107.5 million units.

Eminem is second only to Rihanna who is the highest selling singles artist with 121 million units moved. Congratulations to Eminem on this huge accomplishment.

Eminem Confirms Release Date For New Video, Shares Teaser Clip

Eminem recently released his new album “Revival” and it features quite a few famous guests. One of those famous guests happens to be none other than Ed Sheeran co-wrote and sings on the song “River.”

Fans who are lonely on Valentine’s Day this year can look forward to a new video from Eminem which is sure to be emotional, as he wished everyone an “Unhappy Valentine’s Day” when he shared a clip from the “River” video.

Check it out below.

Eminem Sends A Harsh Message To His Critics

Eminem recently released his new album “Revival” and the album has been met with a mixed response from critics.

But Eminem isn’t phased, as he’s always had his critics, and he’s always gotten hate.

Em recently dropped a new remix for his song “Chloraseptic” which features 2 Chainz and he fired back at his critics with the following message:

“Not as raw as I was; ‘Walk on Water’ sucks; Bitch, suck my dick/ Y’all saw the track list and had a fit ‘fore you heard it/ So you formed your verdict while you sat with your arms crossed/ Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs/ Nah, dog, y’all saying I lost it, your f**king marbles are gone.”

You can check out the track below.

Eminem’s New Album Will Reportedly Drop In November

Eminem fans have been waiting a long time for the rapper to release a new album, and it looks like we’ll finally be hearing new music this year.

Hits Daily Double is reporting that Universal Music Group is planning to release three huge albums in November from Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and Eminem. Smith’s album will drop on 11/3 with Taylor’s album following on 11/10 followed by Eminem’s album on 11/17

It’s also being reported the Eminem is set to appear on the new P!nk track “Revenge” which is set to be released on 10/13.

Em’s last album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” was released in 2013.

Watch Eminem Talk About Dr. Dre In New Trailer For The Defiant Ones

Every Eminem fan knows that Dr. Dre played a big role in launching Em’s career, and the two iconic rappers have spent a lot of time together. It’s safe to say that Em knows Dre well, and that’s why HBO decided to interview Eminem for their new documentary “The Defiant Ones.”

The documentary series covers Dr. Dre’s rise to fame and his relationship with Jimmy Iovine, and you can see what Em had to say about Dre in the trailer below.

Machine Gun Kelly Says Eminem Banned Him From Shade 45

Eminem is one of the most successful rappers of all time, and he’s influenced quite a few rappers throughout the course of his career.

One musician who was influenced by Eminem is Machine Gun Kelly who says that Em is one of his favorite rappers of all time.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’re on good terms after MGK tweeted the following in 2012:

“ok so i just saw a picture of Eminem’s daughter…and i have to say, she is hot as fuck, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em is king.”

Apparently Eminem didn’t appreciate the comment, and since then MGK has been claiming he’s been banned from certain media outlets including Shade 45.

“Certain people won’t even listen or review [my album],” he told Hot 97. “Certain places, you won’t even hear Machine Gun Kelly on. Certain things won’t even happen.”

During a recent appearance on Power 106’s LA Leakers, MGK referenced the band with the following rhyme:

“You wanna know who’s in my top 10?” he asks. “Me, me, me, and me again / Run and tell them that it ain’t pretend / No fake news, CNN/ I’m my favorite rapper alive/ Since my favorite rapper banned me from Shade 45.”

You can check out the freestyle below.

Detroit Tigers Selling Special Eminem Jerseys This Season

Shady Records recently announced that this season the Detroit Tigers will be selling a special Eminem jersey. The jersey will have the name Mathers on the back with the number 8 and the Tigers started selling the jersey during their game on Friday to celebrate opening day.

You can also sign up for early access to get the Opening Day Bundle which includes the shirt by clicking here. Unfortunately it doesn’t mention when the bundle will go on sale through the site.

According to ESPN reporter Darren Rovell there will also be hats available and the shirts are going for $120.

Eminem has done crossover promotions like this in the past as he released a limited edition Pistons shirt earlier this year. In 2015 he also released an “Eminem x Detroit” Tigers Cooperstown jersey with the number 8 on the back.