Eminem Sends A Harsh Message To His Critics

Eminem recently released his new album “Revival” and the album has been met with a mixed response from critics.

But Eminem isn’t phased, as he’s always had his critics, and he’s always gotten hate.

Em recently dropped a new remix for his song “Chloraseptic” which features 2 Chainz and he fired back at his critics with the following message:

“Not as raw as I was; ‘Walk on Water’ sucks; Bitch, suck my dick/ Y’all saw the track list and had a fit ‘fore you heard it/ So you formed your verdict while you sat with your arms crossed/ Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs/ Nah, dog, y’all saying I lost it, your f**king marbles are gone.”

You can check out the track below.

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